Hi. My name is Terry Robb.

I'm a web designer, passionate about solving the whole problem.



My standards for everyday life

I have been designing, creating, and collaborating for more than half of my life. Over the years, I've taken time to learn lessons and determine what I find personally significant. As time has gone by, I have often found myself reflecting on these things that have become my core values.

I do my best to keep these key principles of my personal philosophy present alongside all of my thoughts and actions. Even when things get messy, difficult, or frightening, I take a step back and remember these ideas and the things that drive me. This ongoing process of reflection and objectivity helps me rise above the issues, get my head out of the weeds, and gain a higher perspective.




During my time working for Fathead, my primary focus was leading the design of a brand new fathead.com.

Work involved: Graphic Design, Front-End, UI, UX, Marketing, Branding

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Chameleon Power

Chameleon Power brought me on due to a need for a complete overhaul of their current website design.

Work involved: Graphic Design, Front-End, UI, UX, Interaction Design, Content

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Chaotic Good, LLC

I currently own and operate a Limited Liability Company to house all of my freelance work.

Work involved: Graphic Design, Branding, Digital Painting

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